A personalized book about the environment

As we grow even further as a human race, it is becoming increasingly important to learn, educate and act on preventing the harmful impacts of climate change on our planet. It is not just the responsibility of our politicians and the government, but also, each and every individual, citizen of the earth to take up responsibility (no matter how big or small) that may have a positive impression on our planet's well-being.

Considering this, it becomes prominent that the new-comers of this world have to understand their responsibility from the get-go. We should be able to instill the knowledge and empathy towards our home, in to our little ones early on. So as they are growing up, they are not oblivious of their footprint on this planet. Children should have empathy not just for each other, but for all the living creatures that share this planet with us. They truly depend on our acknowledgement and refinement to stay alive in the coming years - as this problem becomes worse every day.

We wanted to impart this knowledge and implant some responsibility in our children and that is the reason we started developing this book as part of our mission.'Your Trip' is a personalized book specially designed to create awareness in children regarding climate change and its impact on our planet.

We do think that children of today, if bought up with special empathy towards our planet and the knowledge, enabling them to fend off irresponsible behavior, will eventually make these kids the agents of change in our society. Kids growing up with that mindset, may play crucial role in the coming years to save this plant from further destruction.