16th Karachi International Book Fair

We recently decided to shift some of our focus towards reaching potential customers directly and get feedback, reactions and gather their thoughts in a direct manner. Hence participating in major events across the city seemed like a good idea. In an effort to do so, we dipped our toes in to this by setting up a stall at the 16th KIBF at the expo center Karachi.

An event like that seemed like the perfect place to market ourselves since it generally always attracts major footfall amongst most literary events in the country.

So, It started off a little slow yet picked up some momentum as the day moved forward and as more people started coming in.

Considering the current situation of the market and a swift decline in people's disposable income, we witnessed a significant demand was oriented towards heavily discounted books (local and international) and secondly, of books of religious or academic nature.

Storybooks in current scenario garnered relatively little affection to the visitors and especially books of our nature which fall in to a higher market spectrum. But in all fairness, this does not deter our commitment to quality and calibrating an optimum, affordable pricing in the local market, especially when very few have delved in to this industry with such a mission.

We are currently pursuing other physical avenues to market our product and to have the ability to interact with our customers more and more, first hand.